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AVO Amplitude versus offset is a seismic interpretation technique that analyzes variations in amplitude as a function of offset, in certain circumstances, it is an indirect hydrocarbon indicator
Albian Last stage of the Lower Cretaceous Epoch ranging from 112 Ma to 99.6 Ma
Anomaly Observation of physical phenomena that deviate from the normal background in an area
Campanian Upper Cretaceous stage ranging from 83.5 Ma to 70.6 Ma
Cretaceous Paleogene Epoch ranging from 55.8 Ma to 33.9
Eocene Paleogene Epoch ranging from 55.8 Ma to 33.9
Elephants An elephant oil field is defined as containing >100 million barrels of oil recoverable
Giants A giant oil field is defined as containing >500 million barrels of oil recoverable, and a giant gas field contains >3 trillion cubic feet of gas. Source Halbouty, M., "Giant Oil and Gas Fields of the Decade 1990-2000", Online version of presentation at Symposium, AAPG Convention, Denver, CO, June 5, 2001
Maastichtian The last stage in the Cretaceous period
Miocene The last stage in the Tertiary period
Stratigraphic In reference to hydrocarbon traps, one typified by alterations of the composition (such as permeability) of the natural layering of the strata
Tertiary The geologic period from 67 million to 1.7 million years ago
Turbidite Sedimentary deposit (as in a sand pile on the ocean floor) from a density current (large mass of sediment, such as from rapid erosion from a canyon or shelf collapse) flowing down a continental shelf
Turonian Second stage of the Upper Cretaceous epoch ranging from 93.6 Ma to 88.6 Ma
API American Petroleum Institute
bbl, bbls barrel(s)
bbl/d, bbls/d barrel(s)/day
boe barrels of oil equivalent
Ma millions of years ago
km Kilometres
sq km Square kilometres (km2)



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