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April 05, 2012
IAST turns sod to launch E. Kamal Dookie Hall of Residence
Kaieteur News

The Institute of Applied Science and Technology (IAST) yesterday conducted a sod-turning ceremony commemorating the launch of the E. Kamal Dookie Hall of Residence. The Hall of Residence will be constructed next to IAST in the University of Guyana (UG) Compound to house foreign experts who will be engaging in research, technology transfer and educational outreach with IAST and UG.

Minister Persaud and E. Dookie turns sod for start of construction

The event presented many dignitaries and well wishers who offered their blessings toward the initiative. According to them, the Hall would be much appreciated, especially in the area of science and technology as it relates to the developmental trajectory of the extractive sector.

The E. Kamal Dookie Hall of Residence was given the name in honour of the co-founder of CGX Energy Inc, Guyana-born E. Kamal Dookie. The institute will be constructed and managed at the expense of CGX.

The idea of the whole initiative according to the Director of IAST, Professor Suresh Narine, is that economic benefits and educational gains could be accessed. He expressed delight that the first major corporate social responsibility project from the CGX is going to be in education, science and technology.

CGX Energy is a Canadian-based oil and gas exploration company focused on the exploration for oil in the Guyana/Suriname Basin, an area that is ranked second in the world for oil and gas prospectivity by the United States Geological Service.

In light of CGX working in Guyana, to express responsibility to citizens, along with the Guyana Government, the Canadian High Commission, IAST, Trent University (Canada-based) and UG, it was mentioned that the new institute will not only provide for economic gain, but hopefully present lucrative jobs in the oil and gas and mining sectors.

Among these entities, the IAST Director said, knowledge, material and training can be shared for the benefit of sustainable development and for the commercializing of the extractive sector.

Natural Resources Minister, Robert Persaud, was also on hand to deliver his take on the project of CGX. He honoured the Energy Company for its programme which he said would improve grounds of limited resources and limited means for venturing into the area of technology and science as it relates to the exploitation of natural resources.

Minister Persaud also urged local companies not to ignore their obligated corporate responsibilities. He said not giving much attention to that creates an environment none conducive for a healthy social business environment.

Minister of Labour, Nanda Kishore Gopaul, gave his views towards the Hall of Residence to be built. He too expressed appreciation toward the initiative and projected benefits that would stem from the construction of the Hall in terms of jobs, education, skills and end products.

Canada’s High Commissioner to Guyana, David Devine, said that the building will not just be a residence, but it will have academic capacity and provide hope for developing the country.

The man of the hour, Mr. Edris Kamal Dookie, expressed gratitude to those who forwarded the idea to construct the Hall. He said that it was an honour that he may play a role in assisting the development of human resources in Guyana.

Front View Elevation of the E. Kamal Dookie Residence

Dookie also said that his company’s name would be called in many other projects as they did not wish to stop at the Residence Hall.

He gave an early vow for CGX to be engaged in an upcoming project in Linden where a mining school is expected to be built. He along with Minister Persaud turned the sod to start the countdown for the construction.

Opposition Leader Brigadier David Granger also witnessed the sod-turning event. Speaking to reporters, he welcomed the idea of CGX and called the initiative forward thinking.

Granger however said that his focus is not so much on materials but on the development of human resources and the profession. He said the wealth from the CXG product should go toward producing an elite, trained in the extractive industry, thus developing persons.

First he said, an institute must be provided to produce the personnel, but added that it was an important move by CGX and IAST. He thus wished them well for the importance of development.



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