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Guyana at a Glance

Guyana Info
For further information on Guyana, please visit
Population 825,000
Area 83,000 sq miles (215,000 sq km)
Capital Georgetown
History Dutch colony 1600s, British Guiana 1815-1966, Independence 1966
President Donald Ramotar, elected November 28, 2011
Natural Resources Bauxite, gold, diamonds, hardwood timber, shrimp, fish
Natural Beauty 700 species of birds, Kaiteur Falls—5x higher than Niagara Falls
GDP/Capita US$1,000
Literacy 99%
Guyana's Advantages
Language Only English-speaking country in South America
Government Democracy, formerly British Guiana, independence 1966
Legal System Based on English common law
Corporation Law Modeled after the Canada Business Corporations Act
United Nations Member and signatory to the Law of the Sea Convention
Petroleum Fiscal Regime Top quartile in the world
Strong Ties Canada, the USA and UK



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